What is problem-solving?

Problem-solving is the act of defining a problem, determining the cause of the problem, determining what features a proposed solution should have, identifying, prioritizing and selecting alternatives for a solution, and implementing a solution.

More common than you may think

We all employ similar processes (whether we do it implicitly, or explicitly) in our everyday life; from choosing what to eat at a new restaurant, choosing our next cell phone, or more complex and specialized scenarios like how to fix a performance issue in a mobile app we are developing.

Our Framework

The following framework, provides an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to problem-solving, with 6 discrete steps.

1.Problem Statement

This is the most critical step in the process. The quality of the solution is going to be directly proportional to the quality of the problem statement. …


Claudio Sanchez

Techie, Tinkerer, Software Architect helping product teams create better software via lean startup and agile methodologies.

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